Canyoning Benahavis

Canyoning is for everyone of any age, it's fun, exhilarating and safe.

Family days, Corporate team building, Stag and Hen, we cater for everyone.

We are the No 1 on the Costa del Sol for Canyoning, a great team will make your day happen.

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Benahavis canyon

Hen Weekend Canyoning in Benahavis

Canyoning in Benahavis is amazing, your whole group will have hours of fun and we cater for everyone at any age.


Team building

Climbing on the Costa del Sol with Canyoning Benahavis

Team Building is all part of the canyoning experience. We will guide you through the stunning canyons at Benahavis.


Canyoning in Benahavis in Andalucia on the Costa del Sol

At Canyoning Benahavis action and adventure holidays, we pride ourselves in running the best Canyoning trips on the Costa del Sol, Marbella. Andalucia has stunning canyons and we use highly qualified, experienced canyon guides for your safety and enjoyment on our Canyoning trips.  Canyoning Benahavis run several different levels of canyoning depending upon experience here on the Costa del Sol. Canyoning is an awesome Adrenalin packed activity and is fast becoming the most popular adventure activity. Enjoy your Marbella Canyoning Andalucia tour with canyoning Benahavis guides.

What is Canyoning Benahavis?

Canyoning is an adventure activity in which you travel through canyons located in the foothills of the mountains of Benahavis, through fascinating and of unspoiled beauty. Benahavis Canyons are made up in a series of spectacular waterfalls, crystal clear pools and beautiful rock passages  that are cut and sculpted by water over millions of years. You will enjoy some hill and boulder walking and you will get wet.

Canyoning in Benahavis, jumping from a rock

Canyoning is a growing outdoor adventure sport in Benahavis on the Costa del Sol and there’s a good reason why, it’s AWESOME FUN!

Try out Canyoning Benahavis for yourself!

You will be suitably fitted with the highest quality canyoning equipment ensuring your comfort and safety. During your adventure you will gain an experience you will talk about for years. Once you have your safety check and we are happy, all that's left to do is to jump into the water and then brace yourself for non-stop action. Canyoning is the ultimate mix of adventure which involves swimming, jumping, abseiling using ropes and cascading down whitewater chutes. We will be using a variety of techniques that may include other outdoor activities such as scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling, and swimming, also walking over outcropping terrain or through watercourses, squeezing through narrow slots. Our canyoning adventures are a journey unlike any other. Get in touch with a special natural world and see beauty such as you’ve only dreamed of.

Our local canyon in Benahavis, Marbella covers every aspect of the sport and makes a great introduction to canyoning. You will experience pure fun, but you will be soaked from head to toe! Come and see why everyone is raving about Benahavis canyoning. Your family canyoning adventures Costa del Sol start here.

Do I need any Canyoning experience? 

It's more important that you're more confident in the water rather than being able to scale boulders. Canyoning has a quick learning curve and canyons are graded so you can tackle descents easy and build up. You do need to be psychologically and physically healthy when your doing your Canyoning tour with us.

Canyoning Benahavis

Ready to jump into the Benahavis Canyon

Stag Weekend Canyoning in Benahavis

Canyoning walking in Benahavis for families and Children

Costa del Sol Canyoning, waterfalls in Benahavis

Canyoning in Benahavis on the Costa del Sol, Childrens Canyoning adventures

Jumping into canyon at Benahavis

Canyoning inside a cave Benahavis

Canyoning in Benahavis, Costa del Sol Dad climbing with child

Canyoning in rivers in Benahavis, Costa del Sol, Spain

Benhavis walking and climbing Canyoning adventures

What do I bring

To do Canyoning you need to bring a towel, bathing suit, sport shoes that you don’t mind getting wet (sportive shoes like running with a good grip or mountain boots, never sandals or diving shoes) and change of clothes.

What we provide?

Includes:  Canyoning Neoprene 5mm suit all the equipment needed (helmet, harness, connectors and eight approved by UIAA), licenses to carry out activities in the mountains, Canyoning guides, and personal insurance (according to the Spanish law)

No previous experience is required, and we will provide all necessary technical gear and equipment.

Stag Canyoning in Benahavis
Canyoning in Benahavis with Escape 2 Marbella
Hen Canyoning in Benahavis
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